The Janhit Co-operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. is a co-operative society registered and governed under the provisions of The Delhi Co-operative Societies Act’2003 and Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules’2007 and its bye-laws. As per provisions contained in rules 49 of The Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules’2007.

The Object of the Society are to promote the economic , Social and Cultural Interest of the members and more particularly to arrange:

  • To Create Funds to be lent to its members for various purposes.
  • To Undertake welfare activities particularly for the members and employees and their children for the promotion of their moral, education and physical improvements.
  • To undertake Thrift and Credit Business by mobilizing deposits from members.
  • To lands and buildings or to take them on lease or rent for business of the society.
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of any or all of the above Objects.
  • To undertake other measures designed to encourage in the members the sprit and practice pf thrift , self help and mutual help.
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